LeAnne Poindexter

WELCOME! I’m so excited you’re here!

I am a surface design artist based in Northern Virginia with roots in Louisiana. I have an extensive background in graphic design and art education. I find inspiration each day in the world around me through nature, literature, music, people and places. I love the idea of influencing the world for the better with my art.

It all starts with a cup of coffee and a sketch!

My illustrations typically begin with a hot cup of coffee and a fresh page in my sketchbook or on my iPad. I draw from photographs that I’ve taken or sometimes from my imagination. I absolutely love the process of taking a little doodle, sketch or work of art that I’ve created and manipulating it to create something magical, layering patterns and textures and sometimes an inspirational quote or life lesson.
I also LOVE to paint and get really messy on occasion! I’ll stare at a blank canvas in my studio for long periods of time until it tells me what to paint on it. Then the fun begins….layering thick, bright colors, scraping, dotting, dabbing, and adding found objects. Many of my paintings are inspired by a song and actually have the lyrics scraped into the paint in one place or another. They ALL have a story that I’d love to share with you (over a cup of coffee).